MSSQL I/O TroubleShooting

Posted By on Nov 29, 2012

Troubleshooting SQL I/O   Quick Checks:   Check disk fragmentation defrag x: -a -v Check perfmon counters typeperf “PhysicalDisk(*)Avg. Disk Queue Length” -sc 10 Values should be close to 0 High values reflect high I/O demand or poor disk performance typeperf “SQLServer:buffer ManagerPage life expectancy” -sc 10 Values should be high, and getting progressively higher. Low values reflect memory...

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Change your Windows Host File

Posted By on Nov 12, 2012

1. Navigate to: C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc 2. Right click hosts file and click edit to modify with notepad 3. Add your entry.   Example of what to add:   This means any request for on the box whose host entry you modified would be direct to the localloop back IP instead of the actual IP DNS lists.

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Common SysAdmin Tasks

Posted By on Oct 27, 2012

Quickly search event logs using powershell: get-eventlog application -newest 10 -message “**” | format-list * or get-eventlog system -newest 10 -message “**” | format-list *   MSSQL: Set Single User – alter database dbName set single_user with rollback immediate Set Multi User – alter database dbName set multi_user with rollback immediate Free system cache...

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So I recently upgraded my Rackspace CloudServers infrastructure from Windows 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012. It was fun and I thought I’d share my experiences to help you should you choose to do an in-place upgrade. Rackspace does not offer an in-place upgrade option. Because of this you have essentially one choice to manually do an in-place upgrade. Which is downloading the Windows Server 2012 ISO from Microsoft and mounting or...

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At approximately 12:05PM CST I began downloading the iOS6 update. The update took 20 mins to download and another 20 to prepare and close to 25 mins to install. I will update this post with my thoughts on this update momentarily. 🙂 So the update took a little over an hour which I think is a little extreme for a smart phone OS update. I came from an HTC Evo 3D and have familiar with the Andriod update process which does not take nearly...

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