OSX Bootcamp and Windows 7

Posted By on Apr 25, 2012

I will add pics to go along with these steps soon. Somewhat similar to the Using Boot Camp to install Vista on your Mac walkthrough, this tutorial will take you every step of the way through installing Microsoft Windows 7 on your Intel Mac (running 10.5 or later), using Boot Camp. Note: if you’d rather not dual boot OS X and Windows 7, you can always install Windows 7 in a virtual environment using Parallels Desktop 6.0 for Mac. To...

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So it’s been almost a week since I received my iPhone 4s and Mac Book Pro 15. Being a Windows Admin/Developer I’ve been given a hard time for utilizing Apple products. I must say the hardware is exceptional and runs Windows beyond my expectations. As a Windows Admin/Developer the iPhone isn’t quite as useful however it is indeed a solid device that has excellent Microsoft Exchange support. So all in all I’d...

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