Managing schduled tasks remotely in Windows Server 2012

Posted By on Jul 2, 2014 | 0 comments

I’ve been working with the Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper project on code plex.  While I’ve found this project extremely useful I hit a couple of snags that I figured I’d outline here to help you make use of this library as quickly as possible.

1. Allow scheduled task user to “Log on as a batch job”

– When you create a scheduled task you usually run as the user who created the task, or set to run as a user you’ve already created.

– Because of this you need to make sure that the node/server/computer where the scheduled task was created has the user the scheduled task is set to run as set as an allowed user to “Log on as a batch job” in your Local Security Policy MMC.



2. Allow “Remote Scheduled Tasks Management” in Windows Firewall

– Be sure to log on to the computer where the scheduled task is and allow Remote Scheduled Tasks Management.  Without doing this you will received errors such as the following :


– Here’s an image of what you should be modifying in Windows Firewall Allowed Apps :