Rackspace CloudSites ASPXZipIt Utility

Posted By on Jul 12, 2012 | 0 comments

It’s my pleasure to announce the general availability of ASPXZipIt utility. This utility was specifically designed to assist Rackspace CloudSites customers with an easy backup solution for their IIS/MSSQL based web sites. However this will work in any medium trust and above environment assuming your file permissions are set correctly.

Starting August 31st, 2012 all IIS sites will no longer have the ability to run PHP so the ZipIt utility provided through the Rackspace Cloud Knowledge Center will no longer work when IIS is the primary technology. This is where my utility comes into play!

Rackspace CloudSites Account with IIS enabled – (This will work in any medium trust and higher environment)
Rackspace CloudFiles Account – Username, Api Access Key, and two containers named: “zipit-backups-files”, and “zipit-backups-databases”

To download compiled version and install: Click Here
To view the source please visit my github account: Click Here

Currently there are some known issues which can be tracked via the issues section on GitHub. Feel free to watch my repo and contribute if you feel so inclined! The more the better!