Bye Godaddy Hello Rackspace :D

Posted By on Dec 29, 2010 | 0 comments

After years of loyal service (8 to be exact) to Godaddy I’ve decided enough was enough.

I was tired of all the limitations of Windows Shared Hosting from Godaddy.   Let’s retrace why I decided to leave.

First of all I created a PHP script which allowed a user to upload a file via an http post to PHP using Rackspace’s Cloud Files API.  Godaddy did not have mod_mime_magic installed on any of their Windows Shared Hosting Boxes.  This module is needed as it works with FileInfo to provide content type information to PHP.  I ended up using using [TYPE] however I then encountered the fact that none of the Window’s boxes had curl installed either.  One big mess!!!  I decided enough was enough, I chose to do all my Windows Hosting on my Rackspace CloudServer and would migrate my Godaddy Shared Hosting.

I had 26 gigs worth of data that was trapped in Godaddy’s Shared Environment.  I called and asked what my options were for retrieving this data and was told I could created 30 megabyte archives using their file manager or I would have to manually  download through FTP.  Needless to say this seemed ludicrous to me.  I ended up switching from Windows to Linux in order to gain Shell access which would more helpful to get all my data off of Godaddy.  I originally tried to do a basic tar czvf path bak.tar which would die once it tried to compress any large file.  After another phone call and wasted time I was told that indeed Godaddy has a 30 second timeout on any single process.  I understand why this limitation is in place.  So I decided to go ahead and just do a straight tar cvf which just creates a single flat file that is not compressed.

I have since migrated all of my data off of Godaddy and am now successfully hosting with Rackspace.  Rackspace CloudSites can be powerful however I am aware of it’s limitations.  I know that MySql has a max of 500 concurrent connections so if I have a need greater then that I need to be looking into a CloudServer to accommodate those needs.  I’m aware that CloudSites is still shared however it offers much more flexibility then Godaddy. For instance I can run a PHP application side by side a .NET application.  Although I do not have shell access, I can install PHP-Shell(not a good security choice), or write bash scripts that are executed by cron to do the same things although not as efficient.  Rackspace CloudSites offers ways to bill my customers so I don’t have to deal with it.  Rackspace CloudSites also uses Google’s Urchin Stats which I prefer over Godaddy’s and offers RAW Logs.

Although Rackspace CloudSites charges a SUBSTANTIAL amount more then Godaddy’s Shared Grid Hosting, Rackspace CloudSites is in a different league.  If I need advice I can pull up a chat 24x7x365, or I can call and reach an American human being.  I feel that the performance offered by Rackspace CloudSites is excellent with initial gets of less then a second, and DB query times of less then a second with a properly structured query.  See for your self.  Download Firebug for FireFox and hit CTRL-F5 on this site and you’ll see my initial get is in the neighborhood of 280 ms and full load time of .500 ms, and this is a wordpress site!  All in all I’m glad to say good bye to Godaddy.