Time Warner Navigator Update Hits San Antonio!!

Posted By on May 20, 2010 | 1 comment

As of 5/19/10 sometime during the night both my DVR’s SA 8300HD and 8240HDC were updated to the new Mystro platform!!! I must say I am extremely impressed with the new software!!! Although it appears to be a lil more sluggish then the SARA interface.  I definitely like the new ways to record a full series as well as the new eye candy provide by the UI overhaul!!!  I am hoping this is only a temporary glitch however I have noticed that since the upgrade live TV appears to have some sort of slight fuzziness going on where as my previous recordings are immaculate and crisp from the SARA platform!!! I truly hope this gets worked out soon because I am very happy that Time Warner is attempting to keep pace with the ever-changing TV landscape!!